Odor Removal

Pet smells, smoke odors, musty odors or other strong odors in your living spaces, basement or crawl space can have a number of causes. Moisture keeps odors and bacteria active and carries them throughout your home. Odors generally signal allergens, bacteria and other harmful airborne substances. We can treat your home for odor removal, and address any moisture problems. Don’t compromise your family’s health and comfort.

We’ll evaluate your home, and provide a professional odor-removal solution from our many options, including choices without hydrogen peroxide, without UV, without artificial scents or perfumes, and more.

To protect your home against future moisture problems, we start by finding the sources of moisture and checking for proper ventilation. We treat the odors, then provide a moisture management solution, so you and your family can enjoy a healthier home. We’ll sanitize, deodorize and disinfect, and reduce moisture long-term with a Humidex Home System.

Call us to get your odor problem solved today.

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