Indoor Air Quality Options

We conduct a comprehensive home evaluation for mold, moisture and odor in your home, including your attic, basement and crawl space. If we find any problems, we can provide a full remediation solution to improve your indoor air quality. We also offer in-home products (Humidex, air purifier) to maintain your indoor air, so you and your family can breathe easy for years to come.

Indoor Air Purification

Introducing the revolutionary CleanStation air purifier

  • Featuring Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology
  • Initially developed for the US Department of Defense

This Class II medical device is the only residential system that safely removes all three classes of Air Contaminants:

  • Particles
  • Bio-aerosols and Microorganisms
  • Volatile Organic Compounds

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Air Duct Cleaning

Allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, infections and disease could all be linked to your home air system. Whether you’re using air conditioning or heat, tiny impurities can settle in the air ducts of your air system. We improve your quality of life by removing from your home the impurities that can cause illness.

We use the most current air duct cleaning system for residential units, a portable, powerful self-contained system to brush and vacuum debris away. You’ll get optimal coverage and effectiveness in removing impurities from your air ducts. Our technicians provide professional air duct cleaning and a complete guarantee to rid your home of pollutants quickly and efficiently. Keep your family healthy and safe—call us today.

Benefits of good indoor air quality

  • Healthier environment for you and your children
  • Improved quality of life for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Cleaner environment with less dust, dirt and odors
  • 84% of users report sleeping better
  • 94% experience symptom relief from allergies
  • Peace of mind that you provide and enjoy a cleaner, safer environment

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